Murder season 5 : Annalise in the heart of the investigation in the teaser of episode 12

Each title of the episode is a portion of the dialogue in Murder. Then this “we know everything” has something to intrigue. Because the knowledge in the series is as much a source of power that is likely to end six feet under the ground. ABC/Gilles Mingasson Attention spoiler (but you haven’t seen anything until twelfth episode of the fifth Murder, you should not watch teasers). One could write this in every episode, but… the grip tightens around Annalise and her band. The previous we showed a disintegration progressive, in the latter, it is likely to be limited to case – (Gabrielle goes-does it swing ? Super-Annalise will she still save the world?) with a little twist, the time of an image a little by stealth : the table.

Peter Nowalk is the master out of the great villains of his sleeve with this little side insolent-I-know-it-all. You did not imagine that, having regard to everything that happens in the series since its beginning and the number of times where Annalise and her troupe are passed between the drops of the justice, this was not going to arouse suspicion ? Murder could have been called as Mission Impossible but it was already taken, because once again, one wonders how all of this may well end ?

Murder – season 5 – episode 12 Teaser VO

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