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The Revenant on France 2 : how has been designed the impressive scene of the bear ?

To help you make your choice, here are the 3 movies of the week best rated by the press on AlloCiné ! 1 : The Flor – Part 2 average Rating press* : 4.1 / 5 The Flor – Part 2 By Mariano Llinás average Rating of the press : 4,1 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators
“It is on the boundary between virtuosity and restraint, between freedom and control, between the unlimited potential of the performers and the needs imperative of the fiction, that the “Flor” blooms, weird and free as a worker in the Sunday. “By Luc Chessel (Release) “As addictive as a series, this argentine film non-standard in 14 hours and six episodes is an art project a little crazy at the same time, a vibrant tribute to the cinema and the stories that he tells. “By Céline Rouden (The New Observer) 2nd : M average Rating press* : 3.9 / 5 M Yolande Zauberman average Rating of the press : 3,9 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators
“Striking his testimony is enriched by other, all of which attest to a “vicious circle” fascinating, a secret accepted. The film, trembling in the face of these claims, is not wobbly. The fascination operates. “By Alexis Campion (Le Journal du Dimanche) “confessions mind-boggling that saves the director pass comments, which are parsimonious and inspired. “By Nicolas Schaller (Télérama) 3rd : Us average Rating press* : 3.4 / 5 Us Jordan Peele average Rating of the press : 3,3 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators

“Horror interspace during the first as in the second degree. “By Emmanuelle Spadacenta (CinemaTeaser)
“The director of “Get Out”, Jordan Peele, confirms its place as the master of the thriller, horror and political. (…) A film as scary as exciting intellectually. “By Thomas Sotinel (Le Monde) * According to notes media barometer-AlloCiné, on the date of Friday, 22 march, 2019, and for movies released on 20 march with at least 10 reviews.

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Netflix : have you noticed all the hidden references of Bandersnatch ?

After the series of “Camping”, Fabien Onteniente continues to explore what he calls his “comedies bathing” with “All Inclusive”, which sees him again working with Franck Dubosc and François Xavier-Demaison. AlloCiné : You’ve toured in the paris region and then you are flown to the caribbean island of Guadeloupe, is-you know this place ? Fabien Onteniente : No, this is the opportunity that makes the thief ! I wanted to shoot in an area where it is very beautiful, it is a beautiful department, Guadeloupe. It is hot, there is music, the blue sea and coconut trees, so it was back to what Frank and I do as kind of movie. In genre cinema, there are films police, copyright, horror, and then there are the comedies seaside, the genre in which you are registered for the Camping. What interests me, is to carry the problems that you may have for the Chapel Door under the coconut trees. If you export a problem of the couple in these places, it produces a size and an offset. That’s why I went to Guadeloupe. I believe that you have to build the club in the film. The club [that we see in the film] is an assembly of all the clubs I have seen. And then I had an obsession : I wanted a large swimming pool. In the Campsite, they were small so I couldn’t put mushroom. There I was able to put a mushroom kitsch and yellow ! (laughter) You had already shot a lot with Franck Dubosc, how went your reunion and that you quit ? This is not quite true, we are all three years roughly. He has written and directed his film, so we get together, a little as Souchon and Voulzy, but in the bullshit. DANIEL ANGELI / BESTIMAGE / WARNER BROS. Franck Dubosc is Jean-Paul Cisse It is often your co-author, what happen concretely your collaboration ? It goes like a millefeuille, layers. One says something, the other bounces, it goes up, it goes up and it makes the dialogues and situations in the mouth when writing. It has a certain delicacy to write the dialogues, Franck and me. A journalist comes to tell me that the dialogues of the All Inclusive were earthy and it makes me happy because it gives a lot of time. And you know, he has changed, he has become a father, he has made his film so we didn’t want to stay on the small Patrick Chirac. We wanted to find him a cousin and he has found Jean-Paul Cisse. It is more “papal”, but are also con. Precisely, is what that wants to say that this film opened a new door and that the franchise “Camping” is going to be a little left out ? We never said never, we are guided by our instincts. I work without a filter, I don’t like to fake it. So if I feel, I do, otherwise I do not. In this new film in any case, you can find François Xavier-Demaison, with which you have been doing Disco. Yes, when I talked to him about this film, I saw in his eye that he had a greed to want to make a popular comedy. I have always been persuaded that he had a physical to be a Bernard Blier, a little Lino Ventura, Jean Carmet… He has a physical very popular, it’s a little Mister All-the-world. The character of Franck is so extreme that we had to Monsieur Tout-le-monde, the “Gap-attitude”, an average guy, we love him for that. (…) He has a good head, like a friend from high school or wedding ! Maybe it is an idea to dig for an upcoming film, a comedy of marriage… Laughter. DANIEL ANGELI / BESTIMAGE / WARNER BROS. Josiane Balasko (Lulu) and Thierry Lhermitte (the director) Is-that by committing Josiane Balasko and Thierry Lhermitte you don’t realize a childhood dream ? Completely ! But it was not done with the intention of combining the two. I wrote a comedy which was going on in the basque Country, and I had a boyfriend who keeps a pizzeria on the side of Pau who had told me that a lady had done his calculations and preferred to go in the clubs All Inclusive rather than in retirement homes because it was cheaper. I told myself that it would like to Josiane and created Lulu. It has been called, and we created this character. Then we went in search of a director of the club a little ambiguous, and stumbled on the idea of bringing the two together. It was done in strata (…). Something moved me : during the tests, costumes, we dealt with the cameras, the sets, it was the beginning, they took a selfie together, because apparently they do not see each other all the time. So it was a little moment where I made myself discreet and I let them do their selfie. It was very touching. Is it that the era of social media it is always easier to make a popular comedy, you have haters that are waiting for your films at the turn ? Nothing is easy, but the haters are not scientists. The comedy has always existed, since Charles Chaplin. To the haters I reply with Coluche : “The humor is best when it makes you laugh”. DANIEL ANGELI / BESTIMAGE / WARNER BROS. Dubosc, Balasko and Demaison Are found in your films one side Francis Veber, with two men meeting for the better and for the worse, but what are your influences in comic cinema ? Chaplin, The Party of Blake Edwards, I becketté Oury that we would see after-school as The Corniaud… And then I also like comedies with Gabin, Belmondo, Lino Ventura, I loved [Jacques] Villeret also. I have all kinds of influences. But in the genre of comedy seaside, I love The Hotel de la plage de Michel Lang. In this hotel came from the couples filled flaws, we think that it will be a quiet holiday but it is the reverse ! (…) And I would advise the people who are spending holidays as our heroes go to take a holiday after ! (…) I love to show people who go on vacation and have a lot of problems. In life, a couple with children, they intersect, take the children to school, the back, the shower etc… They do not speak really. And when it comes to the holidays, they are faces to themselves ! And here, what there is of their love, of their history, we cannot escape history ! It is for this reason that the holidays are more interesting and that it is better for me to show these problems under the sun, under the gray skies… The trailer for “All Inclusive”, this Wednesday, in theaters : All Inclusive trailer VF

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While his character gives voice in the famous series This Is Us (including the season 3 is currently airing on NBC), actress Chrissy Metz is also the lead singer of a real band. Check out one of his songs… NBC Interpreter of Kate Pearson in This Is Us (including the season 3 is currently in full broadcast on NBC), actress Chrissy Metz is also a singer in life. Then we could see it give them voice in the series on several occasions, the actress is at the head of a real group to the sounds of pop and country music : Chrissy & The Vapors. Just like his character (who has long hoped to be able to sing on stage just like his mother), Chrissy Metz has also tried to be a walk in the middle of the music. For all those who have always been frustrated by the brevity of his musical performances in the series, here is one of the securities of Chrissy & The Vapors…

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Hearings: An Airplane Without It sprayed by Captain Marleau
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Shadowhunters season 3 : Clary and Jonathan in Paris, the truth about Cain… our recap of episode 12 [SPOILERS]
Tonight on tv : matt "The Night has swallowed the world," and "Malavita"

While “Long Way Home” Jordana Spiro has just been released in cinemas, with a focus on five films from female directors revealed by the Sundance, of the “Destroyer” to “Winter’s Bone” by way of “Brothers”. 2018 Concorde Filmverleih GmbH the Long Way Home, currently in cinemas, marks the first realization of the actress Jordana Spiro. The film, which tells the relationship of two sisters after one of them is out of prison, won the Next Innovator Award of the last Festival de Sundance. The opportunity to focus on five films from female directors revealed by this grand rendez-vous du cinema independent american. The Long Way Home trailer VO Honour first to the latest edition of the Festival of Sundance, completed ten days only, and has awarded its Grand Jury Prize at the Clemency, of the filmmaker in nigeria Chinonye Chukwu. This story of a supervisor of the prison who must still lead a prisoner through the Hallway of Death has made a strong impression during his presentation, but has neither trailer nor distributor of record. A poster on 20 February in the halls of hex, Destroyer, who puts in scene an unrecognizable Nicole Kidman in the role of a detective in the LAPD struggling with his demons, is signed by Karyn Kusama, filmmaker, Made in Sundance. In 2000, the u.s. had been sacred to the staging of Girlfight, which revealed also Michelle Rodriguez. Destroyer trailer VO In 2005, the Brothers of the Danish director Susanne Bier stands out at Sundance with the audience Award for an international production. This story of a serviceman, missing in action and presumed dead, who returns from a mission in Afghanistan and discovers that his wife is closer to his own brother, was an american remake a few years later, led by Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire . Susanne Bier, she has recently directed Bird Box, the movie Netflix worn by Sandra Bullock. Brothers trailer VO In 2008, the Grand Prize of the Jury of the Festival de Sundance is attributed to Frozen River, directed by Courtney Hunt. “The thriller, the most exciting of the year… Was breathtaking,” said at the time Quentin Tarantino about this film, which tells the story of two women attempting to cross the border between Canada and the United States to immigrants without papers. Since then, Courtney Hunt has experienced a career rather modest, with the feature film The Whole Truth, led by Keanu Reeves, and the realization of episodes of the series (In analysis, New York Special Unit, Fear The Walking Dead). Frozen River trailer VO In 2010, a film made sensation on the side of Sundance : Winter’s Bone, which won the Grand Jury Prize. Has the realization : Debra Granik. The story : the story of a teenage girl who lives alone in the forest with his brother and his sister. When his father comes out of prison and disappears, she has no other choice than to begin his research under the penalty of losing the family home. In the lead role : a young Jennifer Lawrence, who is revealed here to the general public. Debra Granik, for her part, has recently signed on as Leave No Trace, with Ben Foster as a headliner. Winter's Bone trailer VO

Tomorrow belongs to us : the date of the return of Maxime and Clementine confirmed [EXCLUDED]
False Joint : the blunders and errors of Unbreakable & Split